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If you’re one of my 3 family members who read this blog, you might wonder what keeps me from posting more often.  Like many artists I know, the drive to create (and the day job) sometime get in the way of regular blogging.  It just feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day!

But I do have a blog that gets lots of love.  Back in May, right before I went for my first metal clay class, I decided to start a second blog to showcase metal clay jewelry and art.  I had enjoyed reading Polymer Clay Daily for several years, and I wished that there was a similar site featuring metal clay art.  So, I decided to start one called Metal Clay Magic.  I committed to posting 2 to 3 times per week, and most weeks I’ve managed to keep that commitment.  I started connecting with folks in the metal clay community and used both Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about the site.

While I have featured many of the well known masters of metal clay, I’ve also featured newcomers that have something unique to contribute.  I’ve had so much fun scouring the web for metal clay artists and I get so excited when I find amazing work from someone I’ve never heard of before.  The metal clay community responded enthusiastically right away, and the interest has grown steadily.

This week, I decided to Google the term “metal clay” to see if I’ve made my way to page two or three – which would have made me happy.  Imagine my excitement to find that I’m on page one of the results, currently ranking at #5 (not including the paid positions)!  The site got over 1300 visits in the past month from 600 visitors and 34 readers have subscribed to the site’s RSS feed.  I’m doing backflips!

OK – so enough of the shameless self-promotion.  I just had to share my excitement with those of you who have been following my journey.  And, I’ll try to re-dedicate myself to writing on this site about my own creations.  I just wish I could get 30 hours in a day!

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September 27, 2009

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