Leaves Galore!

Most of my recent work has been focused on this tiny leaf technique that results in a highly textured surface.  People seem to respond really well to these pieces, probably because it engages another sense – that of touch.  They are first excited about the intense colors, but they really get excited when they get their hands on one of these creations.

It’s a huge plus that I really enjoy making these pieces.  Most of the work is invested in creating the polymer clay cane.  Imagine a log of clay with the leaf pattern going all the way from end to end.  By slicing thin pieces, these individual leaves are created.  Putting them together in a finished piece is fairly fast and easy once the cane is made.  

 Next, I want to experiment with more complex versions of the leaf cane.  I need to find the right balance between creating more interest and not getting too busy.  What fun!  Now, I just need more hours in the day free for claytime…  

February 6, 2008

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