SOS Auction Donation

A good friend is on the board of Share Our Strength in Orlando, a group from the hospitality and restaurant industry that is working to end hunger.  She has been an admirer of my art, and encouraged me to donate an item to a silent auction in their upcoming Taste of the Nation event.  I was quite flattered and happy to oblige.   This is a good opportunity to promote my web site and get my artwork out in the community.

I chose these two pieces as my contribution.   The necklace is an art-jewelry piece using Mokume Gane, an ancient Japanese metal-working technique that has been applied to polymer clay.  This piece started out as a “dry run” using a leftover portion of a Mokume stack from a project I completed over a year ago.  I was playing around with shapes and these new steel cable neckwires I had just ordered.  It turned out so well that I decided to make it the donation piece.

This lovely little vase is one of my feathered leaf creations.  I start with a glass vase, which I wrap in a thin sheet of solid colored clay.  Next, I create a polymer clay cane, which is essentially a thin log with the pattern running all the way through it.  Thin slices of this cane are affixed, ever-so-gently, to the clay-wrapped vase.  On some of the pieces in this series, I strive for perfect alignment of the little cane slices.  With this one, I was going for more of an organic, haphazard look. 

 I really hope these two pieces are well received.  If you will be attending the Orlando Taste of the Nation event, bid big and bid often!  Thanks, Ellen, for inviting me to participate.

July 23, 2008

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