Folk School Adventure – Part 2

My week at the John C. Campbell Folk School was so intense, yet so much fun.  I went into the experience like a sponge – ready to soak up the entire experience and learn everything I could in the time I would have to spend with Master Instructor, Pam East.  While many of my jewelry-making friends know all about metal clay, most people who hear about it are puzzled and then amazed that such a material exists.  If you’d like to learn more and see what metal clay can become in the hands of a seasoned artist, check out my new blog, Metal Clay Magic, where I feature 2 to 3 artists each week with a photo and links to that artist.

Now that I’ve directed you to a wider world of metal clay, I feel better about sharing the results of my week at Folk School.

First MC Pieces

This set of earrings with a matching pendant were the very first pieces I made with metal clay.  While I had read lots of books and tutorials, I had never touched the material before I walked into class that Monday.  Not bad for a first try!
Drying on eggs
Here you can see those same piece in the greenware stage.  They were dried on easter eggs to create the domed shape.
Folk School Pieces
And here are all of the pieces I created during the week at Folk School.  The charm bracelet is actually a collaborative effort.  Pam asked each to make 10 of the same charm.  On the last day of class, we exchanged charms and assembled our charm bracelets to help us remember all of the amazing people we met!

July 5, 2009

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