A Place to Roost

BirdHouseWe all need a sanctuary.  A place where we can relax into our own skin and just BE.  I think of my home as my feathered nest where I can shut out the noise of the word, enjoy my husband and my kitties and create.  So, I love the symbolism of the birdhouse.  For me, it represents home, family, nature and a safe haven. 

This little birdhouse pendant is created from fine silver metal clay.  I work in both brands, but this particular piece was created from PMC3.  The texture was made from a hand-carved polymer clay slab and the piece was dry constructed, with the body, the roof and the floor all being created separately and joined when dry.  A fine silver eye ring is embedded in the roof.

The creation of this piece was a practice in patience.  The process was fairly simply, but I was being klutzy that day and managed to crack the roof (which I repaired) and shatter the first cylindrical body (which was in too many pieces to repair).  But once I got through that teeth-gritting session, everything came together nicely and I’ve made two more of these without further  breakage.

For my non-metal clay family and friends, you might appreciate an explanation of why “metal” breaks or shatters.  The material is very fragile in its greenware stage, when the clay has dried into a rigid form, but has not yet been fired into its metal stage.  A drop from just a few inches above my workbench has been known to crack or chip a piece.  It’s incredibly frustrating, but I’m trying to believe that I NEEDED to practice more patience and this material is providing me with that learning experience.

October 4, 2009

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