When Everything Goes Right…

e~DSC05330…you get a beauty like this one. Okay, so I must be honest and admit that everything did NOT go right as I was making this piece. I’m still struggling with the technique of setting stones with syringe clay. It just takes practice, and I guess I haven’t paid my dues yet. So, I did have to re-do the setting, and I nearly obliterated all of the texture while trying to clean up the edges and the join between the bail and the leaf. e~DSC05334I added the syringe clay vines to help hide some of these imperfections and I’m so glad I did. These little details provided wonderful little nooks and crannies for the colorful patina to really shine.

This piece was a gift and oh, was it hard to let it go!  It was so worth it when I saw the look of surprise and joy and the face of the recipient.  Priceless!

December 7, 2009

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