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Need A Bit Of Color In Your World?

I know I do!  Adding color to my copper and bronze pieces is truly a labor of love.  Early in the process, I’m like a kid slopping color around in pursuit of creating her masterpiece.  By the time I get to the final steps, with my back aching and sweat dripping from my brow, I wonder if this pile of metal will ever end.  Here’s a glimpse into how the magic happens.

Patina.collageIt all starts with my very own copper and bronze components, tumbled to a shiny finish and ready for color.  After that, I heat up the metal and layer on the dye oxide patinas.  These colorants meld into the pores and becomes one with the metal.  I like to start with a base color and then splatter in touches of a contrasting dye for a more interesting finish.  Next, I sand back each piece by hand to show off the raw metal in the high points and bring out the intricate textures.  Several coats of lacquer and a layer of museum-quality preservation wax lock the colors in place.  A final power buff melds all those layers together and give each element a deep, rich luster.  Truth be told, I skipped several of the more boring steps involved in a process that’s lengthy and laborious, but oh so worth it. Take a look at some of the finished designs that will come out of these components.

Nature Walk Mixed.collage


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